Get to know me meme: [2/10] female characters.

 Okay, look… believe what you want, but no one’s forcing me to be here. And if you tell anyone this, I’ll deny it - but I like being in Glee Club. It’s the best part of my day, okay? I wasn’t gonna go and mess it up.


I guess I could add some cooking sherry in here.

Sorry about the one first gif from 5x08


‏@msleamichele Singing a broadway classic with @DarrenCriss at #Glee today! #GleeSeason6 🎶

Huggin’ and a-kissin’
Dancin’ and a-lovin’
Wearin’ next to nothin’
‘Cause it’s hot as an oven
The whole shack shimmies
Yeah, the whole shack shimmies


We know, Darren.  Your love for your fans is one of the many reasons your fans have so much love for you.